10 Legit Reasons Why Being Single is Better

It’s better to be single wishing you were married than to be married wishing you were single.

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You are better off being single than in a bad relationship or marriage.

I know, I sound like the bitter ex who couldn’t get over their failed relationship. 


I’ve been in both facets of life; married and happy, married and unhappy, and now, single. Whether or not I was a good partner is a story for another day.

The little time I have been alone has been my best. And while I hate to admit it since it means disparaging my previous relationships, being single kinda rules.

Here are 10 reasons to back my case. Not the silly ones like not battling for the remote. No, 10 legit reasons why being single is better.

Ten, because we have ten fingers. 

1. More Me Time

Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own

– Oprah Winfrey

Being a teetotaler and a reclusive person, I rarely go out. I don’t need friends like Jose Cuervo to keep me company. Instead, books are my choice of drugs.

As such, I love me time.

That’s essentially the point of being single. You get more time to yourself without feeling guilty about it.

You spend more time on yourself and learn to love yourself. You don’t have to worry about missing calls or waiting on someone’s messages. There are no birthdays or anniversaries to remember.

Half the excitement in your life is missing but so is half the drama.

This is the time to switch off your phone, go on solo trips, and explore all the things you’ve always wanted. 

2. Less Fight, Less Drama

I’m not saying having a partner will make you unhappy. I’m simply saying you have less BS to deal with when you are alone. 

Everyone comes with baggage, even me. 

While being in a relationship means being emotionally connected to your partner, at times you just want to lay in bed and not have to deal with anything. That’s one golden perk of being single.

Marriages are stressful, even the best ones. When you live closely with someone, you are likely  to be occasionally at odds with them. 

And if statistics are anything to go by, your marriage has a 40–50% chance of ending up in divorce.

But when you’re single, it’s peace all through; no roller coaster of emotions.

You have no one to argue with, no one to answer to, no one to check in with, no one to get permission from and no one to discuss things with.

Your decisions are yours to make, and yours alone. 

If you can get past the loneliness (if you love yourself just know you’ll never be alone), you are looking forward to the best times of your life.

3. Saves You Money

single vs taken: saves you money

Compare the phone bills of a single person and someone who’s in a relationship. The difference is craaazy!

No one tells you this, but relationships are expensive. You have no business being in one if you are broke.

My bank account has been growing ever since I was single.

I haven’t gotten a raise, haven’t started a side hustle, didn’t hit the lotto and I have not changed much of my lifestyle. I am not sure what happened, but I’m not complaining either.

4. Get as Messy as You Want

single vs taken: get as messy as you want

I left my belt on the couch, came back to it two days later and guess what… it was still there!

Gents, this is for you.

Being single means you can get as messy as you want without anyone being in your ear.

Wake up as late as 10, eat the leftover pizza because no one has the energy or money for brunch, and play video games till four in the afternoon.

Hit up the boys afterwards and schedule for a night out or in, whatever works.

Sounds like the life of a loser? That’s what someone in a relationship would say.

5. You Make Your Schedule

single vs. taken: make your schedule

It may seem silly, but having the freedom to do what you want with no one to conform to is underrated.

When you are single, you do whatever you want, whenever you want.

You can dress provocatively, walk out the door, spend your money however you want, and come back as late as you wish without any negotiation.

You can leave the toilet seat up, the drawers open and no one will be there to shout at you.

You don’t get to do any chores and you have all the time to bury yourself in your hobbies.

In this realm, you are god.

6. Better Sleep

Almost everyone enjoys a good night’s snuggle.

It’s all cute and romantic, until it’s not.

Halfway through the night, your cuddling hand gets numb and your partner snores in your ear. They flail around in their sleep hitting you, and occasionally, they pass gas all night.

You can’t sleep under a giant mount of blankets because your partner likes ‘only a sheet’ and you have to compromise on the thermostat.

For those not cuffed yet, you have to put up with the late-night calls convincing her that you’d still love her if she was a worm. 

Yeah, when you are single, you don’t have to deal with any of that.

7. Better Sex Life

single vs. taken: social life

Ironically, your sex life is likely to be better when you are single.

How so?

You have way less to worry about.

No jealousy, no concern of being cheated on (or cheating), you get to have sex more than twice a year, and truth be told, most married people aren’t mavericks in the bedroom.

Even so, being single isn’t an excuse to sleep around.

8. You Become More Focused

A good partner is definitely one who’s always pushing you to be better. No doubt about that.

But when you are in a relationship, it’s about us – you and your partner – not you! You are expected to be there for them 100% of the time and help out whenever.

Being single, on the other hand, means having all the time and energy to yourself. It sounds selfish, but it’s not. 

Single life forces you to be a better person. There is no safety net around you. You, therefore, have to be a good person. A good friend, a good neighbor, a good relative and an even better employee.

You get time to contemplate about life and get to know what you really want.

9. Stronger, Better Friendships

single vs taken: hanging out with friends

Couples hang out together. And when they are socializing, they’re spending time with other couples. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

When you are single, though, you have lots of friends to hang out with. 

You can go out on weekends till late night without having to worry about finding a babysitter. Plus, your conversations don’t revolve around kids and boring marriage life.

10. Be In Shape

When you are in a relationship, your chances of hitting the gym are almost zero. That’s a fact.

You have no one to impress and there’s more food in the house. You can finally let that fat kick in.

But when you are single and searching, you have to be at your best all through. You’ve got to hit the gym. There’s no way around it.

Be Free

No need to get cuffed. Being single means being free.

You are free to do what you want, to spend money how you want, to adopt as many cats as you want, and not to remember stupid anniversaries.

Free. Free. Free!


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