5 Best Shaving Stands: 2024 Review

Enhance your grooming routine with these shaving stands.

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As tough as they are, your shaving tools still need a cozy spot to call home.

As part of razor maintenance:

  • Store your razor in a clean, dry environment.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight.
  • Place it with the blade facing downwards to minimize accidents.

The good thing is, a brush stand does all this for you. Consider our recommendations for the best shaving stands.

1. Mühle Vivo & Rytmo Series Stand for Razors & Shaving Brushes

Material: Stainless Steel

Razor Type: Cartridge and Safety Razors

German machines aren’t limited to automobiles.

This Muhle Vivo stand is sleek, solid and elegant. Plus, it feels good in the hand. 

Its design consists of a vertical stand with two slots for securely holding both a razor and a shaving brush.

There is proper ventilation and drainage for the tools to dry after use.

It’s really hard to beat this stand in terms of price and quality.

2. Avqwk Electric Razor Holder Wall Mounted for Bathroom

Material: Stainless Steel, Vinyl

Razor Type: Electric Razor

The Avqwk Electric Razor Holder is designed to conveniently store electric razors in the bathroom.

It accommodates electric razors of different sizes and styles. You attach it to the wall using screws or adhesive, then it provides you with a stable and space-saving storage solution.

The design is simple and masculine and it should fit in well with any bathroom decor.

3. Parker Double Edge Razor Stand

Material: Brass

Razor Type: Cartridge and Safety Razor

It’s not beautiful, but it gets the job done.

Specifically for safety razors, Parker Double Edge Razor Stand provides a practical solution for wet shaving enthusiasts.

The stand is engineered to provide balance and stability. It features a base and a vertical post with holes where you drop your razors.

It will hold your razor – 4 razors to be specific– in an upright posture on the bathroom vanity or countertop.

4. Sanwa Grooming Shaving Kit for Men

Material: Nickel Plating

Razor Type: Straight Razor

This one is beautiful, and it gets the job done also.

Sanwa Grooming Shaving Kit has two slots, one for the razor, and one for the brush. There is a bowl beneath the brush for your shaving cream.

The stand won’t rust and its bowl is double-insulated. It won’t break if you accidentally drop it.

The stand is stylish and comfortable and it is easy to use. I highly recommend it.

5. Perfecto Deluxe Chrome Razor and Brush Stand

Material: Chrome Plated

Razor Type: Cartridge and Safety Razors

The chrome-plated finish of this stand gives it a sleek and sophisticated appearance. 

Its compact footprint allows it to fit in bathrooms with limited space, without sacrificing functionality.

It has a vertical configuration with two slots, one for the razor holder, and the other for the brush.

Perfecto Deluxe Stand is a stylish, practical and affordable way to store your shaving tools.

How to Choose the Best Shaving Stands

Choosing the best shaving stand involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.

Here’s a guide to help you out.

1. Compatibility

Your stand should be compatible with your razor and brush. Different stands are designed to accommodate specific types and sizes of razors and brushes. 

For example, some stands are tailored for straight razors, while others may be suitable for cartridge razors or safety razors. 

Similarly, shaving brush holders vary in size and design to accommodate different types of brushes.

2. Material

The stand’s material affects its aesthetics and durability. You want something light, durable and corrosion-resistant.

Common materials include wood, acrylic, chrome and nickel-plated metals and stainless steel.

Steel and nickel or chrome-plated metals are the best since they are durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Wood adds a touch of warmth and elegance while acrylic is lightweight and transparent. 

3. Size

Take into account the size of your razor and brush, as well as the available space in your bathroom or grooming area. 

Choose a stand that comfortably accommodates your grooming tools without overcrowding the space. 

Compact stands are ideal for smaller bathrooms or countertops, while larger stands may offer additional storage options or accommodate multiple razors and brushes.

4. Stability

If it wobbles or tips, it’s not worth your money. A shaving stand should be sturdy to ensure your brush and razor remain securely in place. 

The base should be wide enough for all the tools to reduce the risk of falls. 

5. Design

Is your stand both functional and aesthetically pleasing?

Shaving stands can either have separate holders for the razor and brush or a combined design. 

Vertical stands save space and provide easy access to grooming essentials, while horizontal stands offer a sleek and minimalist look. 

Though not a deal-breaker, it’s also nice to have something pleasing to look at. 

Time For a Decision

There are no one-size-fits all with shaving stands. 

The ideal stand should be compatible with your razor and brush, constructed using durable materials and feature a stable design to prevent tipping or wobbling. 

Evaluate all aspects to settle for something that organizes your shaving essentials and enhances your grooming routine.

What shaving stand are you buying?


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